Misc Dressed Undressed Wives Girlfriends Brides Pics Collection

Misc Dressed Undressed Wives Girlfriends Brides Pics Collection

I know you guys like my dressed undressed collection and so I keep digging for new pics and I have found quite few to share with you. As always, age ranges from nubile girlfriends to very mature amateur ladies, brides wives and even probably few sluts in the mix. What I love most about these pics is the whole realism. You get saggy tits, big tits, no tits and variations as well as you get to see not the perfectly shaved pussy but hairy bushes, pimples on ass and so on – skinny buts, fat butts and even stupid face expression or two 😀

You know what I mean – its real homemade porn in a true sense. Let’s start with this curvy amateur blonde outdoors in a sexy dress on one side and legs spread showing hairy pussy and big boobs out on another side of the pic:

Anyways, Enjoy this set, as this is probably my biggest dressed undressed amateur porn pics collection! Some of them are new, some look like vintage naked wives polaroid pics  to me.

Skinny small tits blonde dressed then undressed.001

Two fatties outdoors dressed then bent over showing their round fat naked butts:

Another mature wife dressed then naked in bed legs spread wide showing her shaved pussy and big saggy boobs:

Vintage polaroid of skinny brunette bride in bridal dress then undressed in bed showing hairy pussy and very small titties:006

Chubby sexy mature wife posing outdoors dressed then indoors nude by the fireplace showing nice pair of tits:007

Sexy dark haired wife in white sweater and undies on one side then naked in bed showing small tits:008

Dull looking blonde outdoors with dog then undressing inside. Nice perky tits and looks like very bushy pussy too.009

Chubby blonde mature lady in blue jeans then nude inside showing hairy pussy and pair of big breasts:010

Skinny redhead in summer dress on the beach then completely naked. Nice pair of small perky tits and very hard erect nipples:011

Curvy and very busty bride in bridal dress then undressed after shower showing off that pair of big tits:012

Housewife in kitchen dressed then showering naked exposing pair of decent boobs and nice hairy pussy:013

Collage of wife who apparently works as secretary (or something) so we have tons of dressed snapshots and few nice naked snapshots. Nice skinny babe, small perky titties and trimmed bush around pussy in this pic:014

Russian looking blonde babe dressed outdoors then undressed inside showing pair of big saggy natural breasts and trimmed pussy:015

German looking blonde housewife dressed then playing with pussy naked on boat:016

Collage of sexy blonde wife pics – various dressed and undressed snapshots of daily life:017

Sexy cheerleader becoming skinny fair haired wife and then undressed legs spread wide showing nice small titties and bald shaved pussy:018

Sexy wife with husband dressed outdoors then naked in bed legs spread and playing with the clit:019

Bride in bridal dress then nude on the couch legs spread bald pussy airing:020

Sexy dark hair girlfriend in jeans on one side then naked on other just black stockings, small round tits and shaved clean pussy:022

Another bride in dress and then undressing naked. Cute round small boobies in this one:023

Dressed in uniform at work and then nude at home. Nice round tits and shaved pussy in this pic:024

Busty wife dressed in jeans then standing naked legs spread showing off those huge tits:025

Brunette girlfriend with nice round butt, sexy perky tits and hairy pussy naked in front of the mirror and dressed in tank top:

Sexy curvy blonde wife dressed in blue jeans and white top outdoors and then lying naked on stomach in bed, legs spread wide showing off nice round fuckable ass and cute shaved pussy. If you like that ass, then you must look at these bare ass pics!027

Slutty looking blonde wife dressed and almost undressed with just transparent white stockings and panties around her ankles showing nice trimmed pussy and pair of cute small boobies:029

Sarah dressed in uniform at work and then taking naked selfies at home showing nice pair of tits and shaved pussy:031

Collage of bride undressing out of the bridal dress:032

Sexy redhead girlfriend with very cute perky tits dressed in light blue top and then completely naked showing those twin cute boobs and nicely trimmed pussy. She’s very hot!033

Small tits summer girlfriend in nice cute dress and then completely nude perking with those small titties and nicely shaved pussy. She’s cute as a button:034

Little bit chubby blonde in sportswear fully undressing showing off pair of round firm tits, wide hips and hiding her pussy between the legs:036

Skinny brunette wife in summer dress outdoors then in see through lingerie in bed showing off very hairy pussy:037

Hot firm perky tits girlfriend undressing in stages from summer top and skirt to complete nakedness. Nice firm round tits and spread pussy lips in this pic:038

Cute wife in kitchen undressing naked out of summer dress. Nice titties and that hairy bush looks very sexy:040

Sporty and extremely skinny young sexy wife dressed in gym and then completely naked outdoors showing those almost non existent small tits, very skinny legs and apparently hairy pussy. Shes a hottie though!042

Sexy curvy young wife dressed and then undressed. Nice very round and firm boobs, wide hips and cute face:043

Blonde cougar and boyfriend posing dressed and then blondie undressed naked. Small saggy tits, shaved pussy:

Curvy chubby blonde dressed in red then nude looking at her pussy in mirror:048

Russian bride on her wedding day in the dress and then bare bottom in bed legs spread wide showing shaved meaty pussy lips:049

Skinny blonde thing in sexy summer dress and then naked in bathroom:


Vintage polaroid dressed then undressed wife pic:051

Sexy blonde in lingerie and then naked in shower. Nice tits and love that busy pussy:052

Foxy sexy reddish girlfriend with nice pair of tits dressed undressed fingering her pussy:053

Round butt blonde wife in evening dress and then naked spreading her ass while bending forward:054

Hot mature wife dressed then undressed doggy style ass up and boobs down. Very hot lady!055

Skinny blonde cougar dressed then undressed. Ofc, small tits is a must!056

Sexy busty glamorous looking blonde dressed in pink dress then tits out legs spread showing pussy upskirt in car:057

Sexy girlfriend posing in underwear then completely nude showing off pair of great tits and very wide hips (must be fantastic ass on this babe!):058

Nice busty blonde dressed undressed pic:060

Cute girlfriend partying dressed then dancing undressed shaking those small round titties and airing out shaved pussy:

Hot mature wife sitting dressed in chair then spreading legs wide open exposing her trimmed pussy:064

Collage of a sexy wife with various dressed undressed scenarios. Nice tits and dark haired pussy in this pic:065

Sexy small tits girlfriend squatting dressed and then standing posing naked showing off those small titties with perky hard nipples and nice cameltoe pussy lips:066

Skinny russian girlfriend dressed in summer dress then completely naked on chair legs spread wide showing small titties and shaved pussy:068

Sexy cute blonde girlfriend posing outdoors dressed then undressed after shower showing tan lines on pair of sexy small pair of tits:069

Girlfriend posing dressed in summer clothes and then completely naked outdoors. Cute tits, very perky nipples and love that tiny bush on trimmed pussy:070

Sexy wife dressed outdoors then sucking cock naked:071

Blonde sexy wife posing for down the blouse shot then completely naked. Nice small tits!

Girlfriend caught dressed and then undressed in bathroom:073

Chinese couple on their marriage day in bridal dress then naked in bed:074

Cute skinny brunette dressed in red dress then naked in bed:075

Very hot blonde girlfriend dressed and cheering then caught undressed. Check out those puffy nipples on that pair of perky firm tits!076

Hot dark skinned asian descent bride in bridal dress then undressed showing pair of round small tits and extreme bush grown around her pussy!078

Reddish bored looking housewife dressed then undressed hand cuffed naked to the bed, legs spread wide, shaved pussy and pair of massive tits:079

Skinny wife posing dressed then undressed:080

Hot blonde mature cougar dressed in summer dress outdoors then naked legs spread wide biting on her sunglasses:081

Hot busy bride in dress then undressed legs spread wide in bed. Lovely bulging twin feeders here!082

Hot blonde bride in bridal dress then undressed to her underwear posing in bed legs spread wide:083

Collage of various dressed undressed (cock sucking, fucking and ass licking) moments in life of this innocent looking blonde wife:085

Vintage polaroid pic of sexy wife undressing from her see through underwear to complete nakedness and posing in front of a mirror. Very hot pair of tits and you can see the hairy pussy even through the panties!086

Skinny blonde wife dressed and then naked raiding a huge black cock!087

Hot girlfriend dressed outdoors then sucking cock naked indoors:088

Sexy redhead with a fantastic smile dressed then caught unaware naked:090

Sexy blonde bride in bridal dress then completely naked standing legs spread showing off pair of fantastic firm round tits and very sexy pussy trim:091

Cute skinny blonde dressed and undressed in bed:092

Sexy wife dressed in bed then posing naked standing and legs spread very wide. Nice pair of cool firm round tits on this dark haired hottie!093

Sexy next door housewife dressed then whoring naked:094

Vintage pic of wife dressed then sitting bare bottom legs spread wide showing off her hairy pussy:095

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Sexy mature blonde wife posing dressed then undressed in next pic:097

Scanned vintage polaroid of hot blonde wife dressed undressed. Nice big natural breasts!098

Sexy busty secretary dressed at work and then undressing. What a great pair of tits! Huge, round, firm and very hot!100

Skinny vintage wife dressed in white and glasses then undressed legs spread showing her hairy pussy:102

Hot blonde wife with fantastic ass posing dressed on couch then undressed bent over showing her ass hole and pussy from behind:103

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Hot busty girlfriend dressed and then undressing to suck some hard cock:111

Sexy blonde dressed then undressed in bed ass cheeks spread wide exposing cute ass hole and nice shaved pussy:113

Sexy skinny girlfriend with pair of small tits dressed and undressed posing and smiling:114

Hot wife collage pics – dressed and undressed moments in her life:116

Busty sexy wife dressed and undressed showing off her pair of big natural breasts:119

Two girlfriends dressed then undressed on boat kissing each other:120

Hot mature wife dressed then naked on all fours spreading her ass to show that cute ass hole:122

Hot bride in dress then posing and smiling naked. Nice cute titties in this pic:124

Foxy redhead girlfriend posing dressed outdoors and naked indoors showing her very hairy pussy and pair of small tits:127

Scanned polaroid of wife dressed outdoors and nude in bed legs spread wide:128

Hot chubby brunette posing outdoors and then naked indoors:129

Hot wife various dressed undressed moments put in one collage:130

Sexy skinny wife posing dressed and undressed. What a hairy pussy!!!135

Vintage photos of russian wife dressed and then bare bottom dressed top. Cute hairy pussy:137

Hot mature wife dressed and then bare bottom in bed hairy pussy closeup:

Hot smiling skinny wife with cute round breasts posing dressed and then naked. Very hairy pussy, all natural there:140

Bride in dress and then undressing to her underwear:142

Sexy blonde wife in glasses posing dressed and then undressed in bed legs spread wide, nice hairy pussy pic:143

Couple posing dressed and then girlfriend undressing in this pic:145

Sexy dark haired bride in dress and then undressed showing pair of nice boobs and dark hairy pussy:152

Sexy mature lady dressed and undressed in bed legs spread wide. Nice ass, nice shaved pussy:153

Skinny naughty wife dressed and undressed legs spread wide on couch licking her fingers and about to play with her pussy:155

Sexy girlfriend dressed in bedroom and undressed bare bottom in bed in hot black stockings legs spread wide showing that juicy shaved pussy:156

Hot blonde mature cougar dressed and then undressed looking all slutty and ready to be fucked:157

Cheerful blonde wife with small tits dressed and with a beer in hand and undressed legs spread wide in bed:158

Hot foxy wife dressed and then getting all naughty and lifting dress up and down to show those massive tits and nice pussy:159

Hot slutty looking dark haired girlfriend dressed and then posing undressed:

Blonde mature wife dressed undressed posing for her hubby:161

Very kinky looking mature blonde hottie dressed in short skirt and then undressed:163

Russian mature wifey dressed and undressed sitting and posing.164

Hot blonde bride in dress and then undressed ready for sex. Nice round tits and very sexy tan here:165

Two russian mature ladies in sauna dressed and undressed:166

Hot dark haired mature wife posing dressed undressed:167

Skinny slutty looking women dressed and then undressing – bra already off and lowering panties to expose that shaved cameltoe of a pussy:169

Mature russian wife posing for her husband dressed and then undressed and all soaped up in shower:172

Kinky sexy and very curvy girlfriend in fishnets posing dressed and undressed. Nice hairy pussy and very hot ass here:173

Curvy wife posing semi dressed and almost undressed for her hubby:178

Collage of skinny brunette. Mix of various dressed undressed scenes:180

Mature russian lady posing dressed and undressed:

Kinky wife in BDSM outfit posing all dressed in latex and then bare bottom legs spread to reveal shaved pussy and fuckable ass hole:183

Very mature blonde cougar dressed and undressed in a hot summer day:185

Wife posing outdoors for her husband all dressed in summer dress and then exposing her boobs and lifting dress up to show nice shaved pussy:186

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Sexy busty wife posing dressed then naked for her hubby. Very hot pair of big natural and round breasts and fantastic pussy closeup here:190

Vintage polaroid of a hippy wife (or celeb??) posing outdoors dressed and naked. What a hairy bush!!!192

Vintage polaroid of a busty and very hairy pussy model posing dressed and undressed:

Skinny smiling wife posing for her husband in lingerie and then almost naked legs spread wide:

Hot GF posing in her undies and then naked. Nice pussy closeup:196

Wife posing dressed outdoors and then naked playing with bottle and pussy legs spread wide:199

Pregnant wife posing dressed and then undressed:201

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Skinny but busty wife posing dressed undressed in bed with her legs spread wide, round firm big tits perking up. Nice hairy pussy pic:203

Hot girlfriend posing playfully dressed and fully naked in bed legs spread wide:204

Phew, that’s it for today folks. If you want to share pics of your wife or ex girlfriend, send them to [email protected] – will post them up!

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